Our work at the Yorkshire Laser Centre includes clinical trials of the effects of Photodynamic Therapy on different types of cancer. Some of the trials we have recently conducted include;


PDT Clinical studies


Title of study


No’s of patients recruited.


Lung Cancer


Study of the role of PDT in early central lung cancer: pilot study (K Moghissi YLC)





(for early lung cancer)


A pilot study of the accuracy of fluorescence bronchoscopy versus white light bronchoscopy in the detection of early bronchogenic cancer in high-risk individuals (K Moghissi YLC)




Oesophageal Cancer


Non-randomised comparison between endoscopic PDT and surgical resection in patients with early (stage I) oesophageal cancer (K Moghissi YLC)


80 (40 for each arm)


Oesophageal Cancer


Study to determine the place of endoscopic PDT within the range of treatment for oesophageal cancer. Matched pair subjects (K Moghissi YLC)


280 out of 1343 patients





Study of the role of PDT in VIN: single or multiple PDT cycle (non-randomised prospective) – (C Gan Consultant Gynaecologist NLAG NHS Trust/YLC)


30 patients to date




Pilot study of the role of PDT in AIN in patients with or without HIV (G Duthie Dept of Academic Surgery/YLC)






Pilot study of the role of PDT in urothelial cancer ( L Coombs Consultant Urological Surgeon NLAG NHS Trust/YLC)


6 patients to date